It’s time to end the war in Yemen

the humanitarian cost of Saudi Arabia’s war

“Qasim Shuwe, who was on a school bus hit by a Saudi bomb in a Yemen village in August, standing among the graves of 44 classmates killed in the airstrike.” — Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

A brief history of Yemen

modern Yemen — CIA
ancient Yemen — Wikipedia
North and South Yemen — Wikipedia
Sana, the capital of Yemen — Yahya Arhab
Yemeni Civil War (2015 — present) — Wikipedia

The cost of war

The conflict has directly killed tens of thousands, including thousands of civilians, and internally displaced one million Yemenis. The country faces the worst cholera outbreak in modern history, fueled in part by the Saudi coalition’s blockade of food and medical supplies. The UN humanitarian chief estimates that 14 million Yemenis, half the country’s population, face “pre-famine conditions” in urgent need of aid to survive. Further, an estimated 85,000 children under five have starved to death since the fighting began in 2015, over half the children who survive experience stunting and malnourishment, and the child marriage rate has tripled to 65% as the war unwinds decades of social progress as parents give away the daughters they cannot afford to feed.

famine in Yemen — Reuters
“Fawaz Abdullah, 18 months old and suffering from severe malnutrition, carried by his mother.” — Giles Clarke for The New York Times

Further reading

The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War — photos that illustrate the soul-crushing despair of war and famine

the future can be better // 23 // dallas tx

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